Sunday, April 10, 2005

dog blog

Me: I'm getting a dog.
Mark: You're getting a dog?
Me: Yes.
Mark: YOU are getting a dog?
Me: Yes.
Mark: You're not getting a dog.
Me: Yes, I am.
Mark: Do you know what a dog will do? A dog will shit ALL OVER your apartment. It will chew up EVERYTHING YOU OWN. You'll have to walk it every day. You'll have to walk around behind it, holding a thing that picks up dog shit. You will literally have dog shit in your hand EVERY DAY. A dog will lick itself and then it will lick you. You are not going to deal well with any of that.
Me: I'm getting a dog.
Mark: You're not getting a dog.


Darren said...

Dogs will also snuggle up to you in bed on cold winter nights. They'll fall asleep on your lap while you're watching a movie. They'll crawl into strollers to lick children's faces forcing you to apologize to startled parents while simultaneously cracking up because, really, how funny is that? They'll sit by the door waiting for you to come home from work and will flip out with joy when they hear the key turn the lock.

Good luck and enjoy!

Red said...

exactly! thank you darren!

Anonymous said...

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