Monday, October 03, 2005

"And I Was Like, Huh?" and other insights from the dorm

Where were YOU eight years ago today?

So I'm officially twenty. I'm so old. The Bride, Googleable Name, Josh and Girl with Bunny took me out to dinner and it was so fun and they gave me presents and we took pictures and then we came back here. And then we went out on the balcony and these three guys came out and one of them was a sophomore and two of them were friends of his who didn't go here so they hung out with us for a bit and one of them started telling me that Jim Morrison walked on a balcony once and he wasn't scared at all but he scared everyone around him real bad because I guess they thought he was going to fall. And I listened but I was sort of like, huh? And then I gave Josh some of the candy my parents sent me and he accidentally threw his keys off the balcony so we went down and looked for them and that was pretty much a buzzkill.

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