Tuesday, November 22, 2005

turkey update

It's been suggested to me that perhaps I've become a little Seinfeldian of late with the tent (or, as Melissa put it, I'm in a "and WHAT is up with plane food?" phase), at the expense of talking about my actual life. So, for those of you who care, this has been what's actually happening while I'm busy pondering the inconsequential.

Much time spent at my favorite hot spot in suburbia, also known as Dorie's kitchen, dancing to Van Morrison with her kids (Bright Side of the Road, not I Wanna Roo You) and coming up with games like sock skiing that make them think I'm a creative genius. Adventures in DVR with Jen. Soup Factory with the other Jen. Movies and the pitter-pat of little embryos with Kelsey and Trent. Creepy low-voiced comedian with Steve. Getting conferenced in while Jason goes right to the source to determine the validity of the stolen penguin story (and is subsequently urged by their media person not to run the story, like he's freakin' CNN). Trying to temper Mark's overambitious gym tendencies, while spending a lot of time there myself. Continuing to nurture a union built on miscommunication and forced laughter with Supergirl. High school reunion this weekend, where I'll regale the masses with my story of inventing Post-Its and becoming a successful businesswoman, or maybe stay up late reminiscing about Stone Temple Pilots and Brian Krakow.

Now back to our regularly scheduled rambling commentary on crap that doesn't matter.

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