Saturday, April 15, 2006

spring has sprung

It's a beautiful day, and everyone's outside. I just had cinnamon toast with Steve and bought that Jenny Lewis CD that Darren recommended. Let's back up.

Wednesday night, which I officially dubbed my first day of vacation, whether that was accurate or not, was spent in the delightful company of the first three links in The Neighborhood (I love reducing people to html) watching a few episodes of a show that really has no business being as overall blah as it is. Thursday was, as you know, a crap day at work, but also sort of not, because my coworkers really came through, and then when I came home and read all the comments on that entry, I saw that you guys really had, too. Thursday night at Fenway with my dad was made all the sweeter because he and I won't be together there again until September. Last night was a long dinner at the S&S, which, incidentally, is the same place my parents had their first date; dear God, do I sound like a townie or what? Right now I'm ponytailed and cross-legged on my bedroom floor (the position that used to be called Indian style and is now the more politically correct criss cross applesauce) and City of Blinding Lights is on the radio. Tonight is Dane at the Gahden. It's hard for me to fathom a comedian in that kind of venue; talk about a local boy done good. Tomorrow will be another missing-the-point-entirely holiday of a family that is only Catholic is the vaguest sense: there will be no church, but there will be congregating for eggs and all things bunny-related.

I have a long week ahead of me, which may sound funny because I'm actually on vacation. But my plan is to take advantage of that time to sort some things out that are overdue. Spring cleaning, I guess, on every level. I'm saying it here because I don't want it to turn into five days that I blow through and then can't even remember what I did. Ha, that makes me sound like I'm used to school vacations turning into heroin binges. Which, let's be honest, is pretty much right on.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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