Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Wow, this is a great vibe. Like Daddy just hit Mommy at the dinner table."

The Dane show was kind of a blast. For a play-by-play, go here to read the review from one of my dates, including our pre- and post-show hijinks. I've never had so many cab issues in one night before.

Pretty much the same group of us, plus Steve and minus Amy, saw Dane in October. We roadtripped for hours in a monsoon to Colby College. Yup, we went to see Dane in Maine in the rain. It was really fun, but sort of surreal being on a college campus and realizing you're kind of old. No, not OLD... just older than college. Which is funny, because even though you don't want to be in college again, it's almost like you don't realize you're not that age anymore until you're surrounded by people that are, and you think, "When did 20-year-olds get so stupid?" It was the same sort of thing at this show, being around lots of college students, and finding yourself thinking, wow, thank God I'm not 5-10 years younger, because these people are la-ame. But they're not. They're basically you and your friends, just rewinded.

Except for the blond girl in front of us that kept screeching, and at one point yelled "SEXY!" She's not you. You were never like her.

The other distinction is sex jokes. Well, sex and relationship jokes. I'm sorry, but no way did all those jokes resonate so deeply with Blond Girl, who didn't look a day over nineteen, and yet she and her friend were doubled over. And then I realized that kids sort of do that faux amusement when it comes to grown-up humor; as soon as it's clear that it's about sex, they laugh uproariously, lest anyone around them think they don't get it or haven't done it. Not to imply that they haven't experienced their own share, but when you're older, you wait to hear what the joke's going to be about without filling in the gaps with self-conscious giggling. It's such a genuine "been there, done that" that it struck me as sort of funny. We've all been and done and now we're jaded sluts. Every one of us. Oh, you too, don't deny it.

The other thing is that as the show was going on, I was getting increasingly sleepy, as were my companions. And I thought (again) that I am OLD. But when it was actually over and I realized it was 1:20 AM, I didn't feel quite so bad for being tired. Dane is the only reason I'd be up that late if it didn't involve alcohol and dancing. Or insomnia. The latter being more likely these days, let's be honest.

Anyway, the point of the show was to film his HBO special, so make sure you watch it, whenever it's on. It's sure to be funny and silly and dirty, not unlike life itself.

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