Monday, May 08, 2006

just have the report in by Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

I require help, dear readers. In order to understand and lend your expertise, you must first read this.

Now read this, which happened today:

Work Friend [annoyed]: Today sucks.
Other Work Friend: Are you taking one down?
WF: What?
OWF: Are you TAKING one DOWN?


WF: Are you trying to trying to get me with the American Idol song?
OWF: Maybe.
Me: You've completely lost your touch.
OWF [defeated]: No, I haven't.
Me: NOBODY can win that game better than me, anyway.

They disagreed. So it's on, again, for the last month and a half of school. The tripwire is any and all U2 lyrics. Any ideas? I'll need to be on guard since I don't know all their music and I'm guessing no one is going to try to win by climbing on top of the building and proclaiming things about pride, or by rifling through their desk and then saying in frustration, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for!"

The only rules are that we all have to be present, and it has to go unnoticed by the person that you're directly addressing. I'm thinking about waiting until one of them has taken a sick day and asking, "Are you feeling better, or do you feel the same?" I think that's from One. Actually, I think it's "is it getting better." I need to get my act together here.

I can't let someone else take my crown*. Last year's win was just too good.

*There actually is no crown.

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