Tuesday, June 27, 2006

jumping on the cartoon bandwagon

Several of you have created your animated likenesses here, and many of your Betty and Veronicas are adorable, outfit-wearing rock stars. Grumpy Frump is a supermom, and a foxy cheerleader to boot. The ridiculously cute Maliavale is probably listening to a cool band that I've never heard of (or haven't yet read about on Greg's page). I practically want to start dating Nabbalicious.

I applaud my Neighborhooders, but fear that I'm the snarky troublemaker in the back row by comparison. Whatever, you know you still want me at your party when your parents go out of town.

So here's me: one picture is of me at work, and the other one is me everywhere else. What? Did the invitation say black tie?

red book

red drink

I just noticed that in the cartoon future I have books and wine but no nose, apparently. That's okay: priorities! Anyway, thanks to Dave for scanning/copying/whatevering these pictures so I could post them here.

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