Saturday, July 22, 2006

liv it up

I got home last night around midnight and checked my caller ID. Joe and Carly had both called, and both at about quarter of eleven.

I called Joe's cell. No answer. Then I called Carly. "I don't want to tell you anything," she said. "Joe was trying to reach you." Two seconds into our conversation, he came up on my call waiting and I clicked over. Truth be told, I was already crying.

He was, too. "Red. Seven pounds, nine ounces."

My friend Melissa had a baby yesterday at 10:20 PM, nine days after her due date, God love her.

She's beautiful, clearly brilliant, and already has an adoring fan base. Welcome to the planet, Olivia.

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steve said...

Congratulations! Kids are so cool... and I find it funny how the first description of a newborn always includes the weight and usually the length, just like a trophy fish.

"Ayup, landed me a nine pounder! She was THIS big!"