Thursday, August 31, 2006

no dip idioms are coming to mind

Me: Oh, fun dip! Sweet.
Dave: I used to eat the white thing and use my fingers.
Me: What white thing?
Dave: The stick that comes with it.
Me: Oh. Maybe I don't actually know what fun dip is.
Dave: Really?
Me: I was thinking it was the hard shell they put on ice cream for you sometimes at the parlor.
Dave: That's magic shell.
Me: The parlor? Where am I eating ice cream, 1812?
Dave: The country was at war when you were enjoying your ice cream.
Me: I was in a petticoat partaking in a frozen treat.
Dave: Trying to keep cool.
Me: I mean, I don't want to pick sides. Let's all get along.
Dave: Don't catch a case of the vapors.
Me: The vapors?
Dave: I think people were afraid to catch the vapors in 1812.
Me: Well, aren't you packed with knowledge. You're a treat for my eyes AND my brain.

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