Friday, September 15, 2006

If I Can Make it There, I'll Make it Because My Ghetto Bus Somehow Doesn't Break Down in Harlem

I'm going to New York today! Woo!

I sound like such a tourist. I guess I am a tourist. See you at the Olive Garden in Times Square! I'll be the one wearing the foam Statue of Liberty crown.

I'm going to the Friday night and Saturday afternoon Sox-Yankees games with my dad. I've never been to Yankee Stadium before... I'm hugely excited and a little intimidated. Everything about it will seem ass-backwards. Because, well, it is. Do they even play baseball there, or just dance around their piles of money?

Oh snap. I got plenty more junior high locker room trash talkin' where that came from.

I'm glad for my dad to get back to that ballpark. He hasn't been in years, and he's (as you may already know) a diehard Yankees fan. Thank God it's not something you can pass onto your children, because that would've been worse than fetal alcohol syndrome.

The other stuff that makes this trip resplendent with awesomeness is that I get to meet Darren, who made me feel like a rock star with his latest blog entry. I can't wait to hear the deafening collapse of your high expectations, my friend. And I also get to see Dave, Kate, and Jason! And maybe Miss Peach! And unfortunately not Nabbalicious this time, but she was kind enough to fix all my aforementioned blog issues, so yay for her, too!

Anyway, the one good thing about Boston's crappy standings is that I'm not too worried about this:


randomstuff said...

I've been a diehard Yankees fan my whole life, and I've gotten to see them win the World Series more than once, heh.
Anyway, the stadium itself is beautiful, like all the old ballparks, it actually has character. And while you're there look into the outfield and think about this, Monument Row used to be in play before they fenced it off.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

Okay, you're not allowed to even think the words "Olive Garden" once you get into Manhattan.

I can't wait to meet you! Whee!

Paisley said...

Have fun!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.


stefanie said...

Cool. Have fun!

Aren't you one of those Chipotle-deprived folks in the Neighborhood? I assume Darren is going to help you take care of that?

don't call me MA'AM said...

I'm assuming we'll get a full report, accompanied by photos, when you return? Right? Right?!?