Sunday, September 03, 2006

it's a dirty job, but someone has to be home watching TV on a Saturday night

My youngest cousin couldn't come to the Cape for the weekend because he just started college. He called me Saturday night around ten.

Me: Hi!
Youngest Cousin: Hey! What are you doing?
Me: We miss you.
YC: I miss you guys, too... what's up?
Me: We're watching Dirty Jobs.
YC: Who is?
Me: Me and Andrew [his brother].
YC: It's Saturday night.
Me: It's such a good episode. Mike is visiting this woman in South Africa who takes care of these monkeys, right?
Andrew: It's a monkey sanctuary!
Me: Yeah, so she and her husband live in a house in the middle of this field and the monkeys run around all wild and bite people.
Andrew: And they claw at the windows and try to get into the house.
Me: It's like the people are living in a cage!
Andrew: And there's the weird thing with the fruit.
Me: Yeah, this woman spends HOURS cutting up fruit just right to feed to the monkeys, even though it's like, who cares if it's perfect, they're monkeys, they're gonna eat it. And she has this totally great, bizarre dynamic with Mike. I wish he'd bring her everywhere he goes.
Andrew: She needs her own show.
YC: What are you watching again?
Me: Dirty Jobs.
Andrew: We can't stop watching. It's a marathon.
Me: Do you get the Discovery Channel at school?
YC: So I'm gonna let you go.

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