Friday, September 22, 2006

My Titanic Computer Game Was Called the Computer Game of Dreams. And It Was. It Really Was.

Me: Do you remember in college when Jared and I were obsessed with that Titanic game for an entire weekend?
Dave: Uh, yeah.
Me: That was the best weekend!
Me: I'm pretty sad.
Dave: What was the deal with that game again?
Me: Oh, it was SO COOL. It was called Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.
Dave: Oh boy.
Me: So you're on the Titanic but you're an FBI agent, and you run around talking to people and finding stuff, and basically you have to save the world.
Dave: Okay.
Me: And if you do everything right, you can prevent World War II.
Dave: What happened to World War I?
Me: Oh. Okay, you could prevent World War I. And Hitler.
Dave: You stopped Hitler, too?
Me: Yup. And sometimes you could go to the restaurant and steal food off the bad guys' plates.
Dave: You're saving the world and they can't get you a free meal on the ship? You're a crimefighting hobo.
Me: I still have the game, you know.
Dave: Yeah, and it's, what, ten years old? I bet the technology is astounding.
Me: I think I'm going to call in sick to work tomorrow and play it all day.
Dave: You're going to call in sick two Fridays in a row?
Me: You just ruin everything.


Anonymous said...

And I don't believe the FBI was around in 1912. Its funny, the game makers thought that they had to put a big mystery into the game to make it more exciting..Like the sinking of the Titanic isn't ripe enough a setting for a video game as it is.

Red said...

The first rule of Titanic Computer Game is you do not talk shit about Titanic Computer Game.

PoBaL said...

"Crimefighting hobo" is my new favorite occupation, so thanks for that. said...

Can I call my new band the Crimefighting Hobos? Our hit song is "Stealing dinner off a bad guy's plate as the Titanic sinks."

Random is the new emo.

Red said...

Sure, I'm preventing the Holocaust, but Dave's the hero because he came up with "crimefighting hobo."

Anonymous said...

There's a game where you can eat the food off of bad guys' plates, and I don't know about it?!

Anonymous said...

Well, I can already tell I wouldn't do very well at this game, because I'd just spend my time eating all the food.

othur-me said...

You probably stopped World War II in addition to WWI, but Dave is pretty cool for coining the term Crimefighting Hobos and that is obviously more important.

Joe said...

They should make an action movie starring the crimefighting hobo. He could stop wars and holocausts and hurricanes and drive-bys and Britney & K-Fed from having any more babies. Coming soon, to a theater near you.

Libragirl said...

If you stop WW1 don't you stop WWII since it would be WWI since you stopped WWI. Ok, my brain hurts now

Killer said...

I believe David Banner, from the Incredible Hulk TV show was also a crime fighting Hobo. Maybe the first. Does the Titanic computer game's hobo turn into an angry green mutant?

Killer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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