Sunday, October 29, 2006


The last load is in the dishwasher, I've washed off all the purple hair dye and glitter, and I'm grateful for the extra hour of sleep that I'll get tonight. The Halloween party was lots of fun, if I may say so myself... lit only by candles, a glow stick centerpiece, creepy music, and haunted house upstairs with elaborate plot lines and horror movie sequel quality acting. The final headcount was eighteen, which I think hit that middle ground between mellow and rowdy. But of course it's easy to have fun when you have the coolest friends ever. Every time I turned around, somebody was telling me how great somebody else was.

Greatest hits: Carly Flav wore a clock with her face on it and Joe came as Father Time, reminding us to turn our clocks back. I guess those two were just in the right place at the right... I mean, they were really in the nick of... all right, I'll let that one go. Melissa kept cracking me up with her editorial comments as I was trying to be the creepy haunted house tour guide, Kate dressed up as Angelina Jolie complete with huge wax lips and multicultural children, despite Kevin's claims that he came as Enthusiastic Vacation Guy I still maintain that he was striving to be Crazy Neighbor (minus the crazy, of course), Steve brought back the infamous Mad Hatter costume from Halloween shindigs of yesteryear, and Dave selflessly bartended all night long. Vying for most brilliant party foul of all time, Keith fell in a bush right before he was about to walk over and say hello to a friend he hadn't seen in years. And on the Tent-centric front, Party Jen told me that she met someone and they asked, "Are you in the blog?" That's straight up PR, kids, and I'll take it.

There's probably more, but I'm tired. Yay sugar rush!


Killer said...

It sounds like you are adequately making reparations for the free apartment by throwing excellent parties for all your less fortunate friends.
You are like the Rockefeller of parties.

dave said...

A great time was had by all! Thanks Red!

Joe said...

I had an awesome time!! And I made a new friend in your haunted house... the scary demon was a pretty cool guy.

stefanie said...

Sounds like an excellent party, so good job on that.

Did you tell us what your costume was and I missed it or forgot? If not, I expect pictures. Or at least details.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

Man, I am so sorry I missed that!

Red said...

Killer, I'm not sure about that. Rockefeller probably doesn't run out of hard liquor by midnight.

Dave, glad you enjoyed yourself.

Joe, I felt the connection between you two as well.

Stephanie, I was an 80s girl! High ponytail, purple hair, bad make-up, glitter, huge earrings, Flashdance shirt (shirt hanging off me over a tank top), ripped jeans. It was, like, totally fun.

Darren, me too!