Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guess the Movie

And if you can do that easily, smart guy, try to come up with a line that we missed.

Me: a compliment for us...
Joe: is a compliment for you!
Me: steve, don't come yet
Joe: you dare rip the x-man
Joe: sonics have a good team
Me: come to debbie country
Joe: cliff, while we're young?
Joe: i am very, very lonely
Me: janet, i could not be fooling you less
Joe: are my breasts too small for you?
Me: sometimes?
Joe: you're dr. jamison!
Joe: many, many babes are into that!
Me: mr. sensitive ponytail man
Joe: he is not mr. sensitive ponytail man!
Joe: you've made popcorn with half the city!
Me: hey! maybe i've been hurt
Joe: at least i don't have to CHASE the popcorn
Me: pow pow pow pow pow! of course you may be busy
Joe: you are the king... THE KING!
Me: what's so funny about peace peace peace
Joe: love and... peace peace peace
Joe: put it up against something white
Me: i was just nowhere near your neighborhood
Joe: what took you so long?
Me: i was stuck in traffic
Joe: a) i could come up with an act or b) i could just be myself. i chose b. what do you think?
Joe: i think that a) you have an act, and b) not having an act is your act
Me: eddie watching the bees... "ssshhh"
Joe: 20 numbers of 20 girls that you will never call
Me: i'm walking down the avenue! and i'm looking at the garbage can
Joe: and i'm laughing at the people i see--hee-hee
Me: am i coming off too intense? cause i can be intensely laid back
Joe: basically, my name is dick and you can touch me
Me: i want to meet someone who feels the same way i do. about a bike.
Joe: guy with the bicycle
Joe: he's like your soulmate
Me: debbie, he's only like the next martin scor-sees
Joe: debbie, remember when you told me to tell you when you're being plastic? well you're being plastic.
Me: and what comes out? SPAM!
Joe: and he was ably backed by stone and jeff and drummer eddie vedder
Me: that's good, that's a good review
Joe: all this negative energy just makes us stronger. tonight we rock portland!
Joe: i'll replace the windows
Me: have fun, stay single. i was eight.


don't call me MA'AM said...

I know it's from Singles, but I'm not sure you missed any lines. ;-)

Stefanie said...

Somewhere between line three and four I got it.

Man, I haven't seen that movie in ages. I shall have to remedy that...

Jaek said...

It took me till the end...I suck.

Anonymous said...

The only time I love Eddie Vedder (I know, I know, I'm sorry) is when he says those first lines up there. He is SO CUTE. Otherwise, I'm at critical mass for life.

Melissa said...

Oh, I'LL tell you what you missed:

There is so much life in you... and so much emotional larcery in these others.

Love... disappears!

You kids are all gonna be deaf!

I think your hair wants a different part.

Plus I got back together with Lynne last night... so you might want to go ahead and freak out.

How late?

Don't make me remember this chili dog forever!

I know, it's like one of you goes out for groceries and never comes home.

Next time... park underground.

Wow. Those are fantastic earrings!

I think you have the wrong number, lady, but I'll be right over.

Condoms... they're free!

In a parallel universe we'd've been a scorching couple...
But in this one... neighbors.

Tomorrow I gotta break in there and spell her name in rose petals.

Melissa said...

Oh! And of course:

We will always go out dancing!
We will always go out DANCING!

Red said...

Ohmygod! You just rocked my world. I can't believe I forgot about emotional larceny. JOE! Who are we?

Anonymous said...

I knew it from the first line!

Emotional Larceny was my voicemail handle in college, so whenever anyone got a message from me it would say, "One new message from...Emotional Larceny" in James Le Gros's voice.

Y'all totally missed:

What if the super you meets the super her, and the super her rejects the super you?

Then it's okay.

Uh-huh. Why?

Because it was never really you. It was just an act!

Joe said...

I knew there would be a few that we missed. But after quoting this movie to death, I realized that this is definitely my favorite movie of all time.

Melissa said...

This is awesome. I Just remembered another one:

I live my life like a French movie.

Guinness_Girl said...

Ahhh! LOVE this movie!

Oh! And what about the bit where Janet is listing all her requirements for the perfect man is one of them is that he must say "bless you" when she sneezes, but then as she got less picky it became "gesundheit, but I prefer bless you"!

"Are you his Miss Right, or are you his Miss Maybe?"

"Being alone...there's a certain dignity to it."

Joe said...

This is posted on IMDB:
"Linda, uh, it's me. I had to call you. It's about midnight. I was just having many beers. And, uh, I just wanted to say what I should have said at the dock. I fucking chickened out when I acted casual, like Mr. Casual. I should have said it. You... belong... with... me! We belong together. And what really pisses me off is that, now that we're really talking, you thought i proposed to you only because you were pregnant. What's that about! I mean... hey, this is not the bathroom! And you know maybe if I had said some of these things at the dock it would have made a difference because, but I think we made a big mistake because, we had good times and we had bad times, but we had times. And I would like to start over. I would like to be new to you. I want to be new to you. I want to be Mr. New. So call me back if you want to. But this is the last time I'll call. And, if you really needed to know how I feel, how I really feel, that's how I feel. I love you. And that's something you should know, so I won't bother you again. So, good night. And good bye. And call me back. Good bye."

Killer said...

I still don't know, is it "Ishtar"?

Anonymous said...

If you give people great coffee, and great music...
But I love my car., I knew from the first line. Actually, I read it before reading the subject, and immediately thought, "ooo! Red's referencing Singles today!"

Red said...

The only thing I can think of is the mime going "woo woo woo!" And there's Steve's whole spiel about dating Jennifer who used to date Rick who used to date... but I'd need IMDB for that bad boy. Other than that I think we've successfully beaten this movie to a bloody pulp.

Anyone else totally in the mood to watch it this weekend? Funny enough Party Jen was watching it the other day...

Anonymous said...

Darren got it for me on DVD for my bday (before, I only had it on tape), so I think I'm going to have to bust it out! Everyone, come on over!

Melissa said...

I watched it this morning. Can I take you out for dinner... lunch... coffee... water?
Last one, I promise.

Red said...

It's on HBO right now! Ha.

Red said...

"I got your address from Expect the Best and I'll meet you at your house. Oh and he was hot...sss."

Also, WTF Expect the Best?!? Giving out addresses? It's like my worst nightmare.

Miss Peach said...

I think that perhaps I should watch this movie you write of, is called Singles?

I've never actually sat down and seen it. Sigh.