Monday, November 13, 2006


What was your favorite concert?
The concerts that have been ecstatic experiences for me are as follows: They Might Be Giants, because at the height of my obsession with them they came to play at my high school (where they also went to school). I was 15 and it was utterly surreal. I also saw Ben Folds Five at the height of my obsession with THEM, shortly before he ditched the Five (well, two) and none of his subsequent shows really measured up (although his Rockin' the Suburbs tour was good). And then, of course, Paul McCartney a few years ago. Bizarre, endless opening act, and then suddenly he's behind a giant screen holding his guitar above his head and then the screen comes up and he launches into Hello Goodbye. And IT'S REALLY HIM! I saw him again earlier this year and it was great, but it's never the same as your first time.

Who was your favorite Goonie?
Okay, lots to say about this. First of all, I had a crush on Brand, and I loved his nickname. Second of all, I didn't like either of the girls. They were all like that in 80s movies: stupid and cute or reasonably intelligent and masculine. Third of all, is Cyndi Lauper's Good Enough one of the best songs of that era or what? Fourth of all, and to actually answer the question, my favorite was Mikey, of course, with all his guts and glory and his inhaler. Although his speech ("It's their time. It's their time up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here!") wasn't as compelling as he probably intended it to be. "Pronoun! Preposition! Same pronoun again!"

What was the best video of the 80s?
The best was the first one I ever saw: Take On Me by A-Ha. YES IT WAS. The drawing coming to life! The romance! The way he almost DIED when they crumpled the PAPER! I'll be defending this choice on my deathbed, because I'm right and also how funny would it be to be discuss A-Ha when you should be clarifying your will or something.

Who has it better, Grey's Anatomy or Lost watchers?
Even though it sucks, I'd have to go with Grey's, because at least that show isn't on hiatus until FEBRUARY. You better have made some headway on that island by then, bitches. No more letting those creepy-talking Others keep you in cages. I'm talking to you, Greasy Haired Scowler and Noticeably Buffer Party of Five Guy.

Who has it better, Britney or K-Fed?
Depends on the pre-nup, I guess. Brit has potential to put out some new songs for the next fun mix (which, incidentally, was pre-named "Knock Knock. Who's there? FUN!" by Party Jen) but overall I'm not sure this is the big emancipation everyone's thinking it is. That girl's dumb as a post and the next guy probably won't be much better.

Who has it better, singles or marrieds?
Yikes, way to draw those battle lines. I think if you've met the right person, you're happier being married, and if you haven't, you're happier being single. Except if you don't really have friends, you're probably happier being in a relationship. I've found that single people who are total drones about wanting to meet The One never seem to have much else going on.

Would you help your best friend in a fight if he/she was losing?
Of course! My loyalty combined with my delusions of toughness would throw me right smack into that fray. First I'd try to battle the punk by busting some rhymes ("Bat! Cat! Hat!") but if that didn't work, I'd pull out my blade and get a little West Side Story (by which I mean dance frantically in the street and hope the problem resolved itself).

How would you have been different if you'd grown up in the 60s?
I guess I'd be all hopped up on LSD, alarmingly free with the love, and wearing flowers in my hair. Man.

How do you feel about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
Islands in the stream, that is what we are.

Who's your favorite TV character?
Monica Geller, because I understand.

What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?
Just be with my peoples. Doesn't really matter what we do; I'm easy. Easily entertained, that is. Excuse you.


Anonymous said...

red is a pretty, pretty princess

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love "Good Enough"! I have a sudden urge to go download it and then do the Molly Ringwald.

Stefanie said...

You are so right about "Take on Me" (the first video I ever saw was the Cars "You Might Think," but I'll still agree with you about A-ha).

Also, excellent answer on the married/single thing. said...

confession: i've never seen 'goonies' and am not really clear on what a goony is.

Anonymous said...

Confession: Shocked you have never seen The Goonies! I've never seen Pretty In Pink, and I'm not quite sure who Ducky is.

Melissa said...

"Good Enough" and "Take On Me" both rule. I'm impressed that some of you actually remember the first video you ever saw. I have no distinct MTV memories until 1988, when Poison's "Fallen Angel" and Def Leppard's "Love Bites" battled for the #1 spot on Dial MTV.

Adam Curry + Aqua Net = ROWR.

Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney was the first concert I ever saw. February 14, 1990.

Anonymous said...

Surveys. God love 'em. I can't remember the first video I ever saw. Or really, the second, the 200th, or the 55th. I just keep remembering Paul Simon and Chevy Chase doing You Can Call Me Al.

Red said...

Keith, I know! I mean, thanks.

Nabbs, is that really a dance? Was it her big move in The Breakfast Club? Because awesome.

Stefanie, ooh, that's another good one. But no people-on-paper-coming-to-life in that one...

Kate, are you kidding me? Also, so cute that you tried to depluralize it. It's "Goonie" either way.

Dave, eh, you're not missing much with Pretty in Pink, in my humble opinion.

Melissa, I think it stands out because we never had MTV until I was in high school and I saw the Take on Me video at someone else's house. Also, who won that battle? I guess it was a victory either way.

Darren, nice! Was Linda with him? Was he still in Wings? I loved that he just gave her a tambourine so that he could bring her along.

GG, I remember that video totally confused me! Which is funny considering lip syncing was my primary hobby.

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you on your favorite Goonie and the A-Ha video.

Melissa said...

They traded the top spot between them for like two weeks straight. And I was like, "Play Rocket! Play Hysteria!" Because, you know, I was a DL connoisseuse then.