Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What Just Happened: Christmas Miracle Edition

Remember when the Sweet Valley High books had the occasional "special edition," when the characters went on spring break or a ski trip or something like that? Maybe they were called super editions, I can't remember. Anyway, I loved those. They were always so much more dramatic than the regular books and one of the twins always almost died. Anyway, this is my special holiday weekend update. No fictitious twins were harmed in the making.

Christmas Eve consisted of making luminaries, tracking Santa online (complete with 8-year-old Jillian breathlessly shrieking "He's in Paris! RIGHT NOW HE'S FLYING OVER PARIS!"), putting out reindeer food for Rudolph (but not that greedy Blitzen, hells no), a beer run, and my parents hiding a Jesus action figure in each other's cereal bowls.

Kate was a lovely addition to the festivities this year, braving the Fung Wah, offering up newly acquired Trish McEvoy makeup skills (we can make you look dewy), and being a good sport about the fact that when she met Dorie, she was entertaining her children (but mostly herself) by standing on her couch using wooden spoons to conduct Christmas music with an almost disturbing level of enthusiasm.

My mom made Kate a welcome basket with fancy chocolates, warm socks, and a keychain with a K. I think we've pinpointed the source of the family hostessing gene.

My mom's humor-free childhood friend came to Christmas dinner and subjected all of us to her social awkwardness. She's one of those people that all my mom's other friends have given up on but my mom tries to be nice and still invite her places. I think we've pinpointed the source of the family just-can't-shake-a-dud gene.

It was a merry Christmas with my family, my beloved friend, and an aunt who was astute enough to give me the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, which means I can now clean my entire apartment using just a toothpick and half a lemon. God bless us everyone.


kate said...

The only thing missing from the weekend was that Lothario simpleton Hector Flores.

nabbalicious said...

Aw, how cool is your mom? I love that.

Merry Christmas, belatedly so!

Miss Peach said...

Sounds great! I got that book too, though in my case I think it was less because I would want it and more becuase someone is trying to tell me something. Sounds like a very Merry Christmas!!