Friday, April 13, 2007

Life Is A Highway, Apparently


I'll be gone for a few days because I have the week off work and I'm going to Aruba. Oh, no wait, that's Supergirl. Me, I'm going to Pennsylvania. It gets better! My grandmother moved there in January and wanted me to come visit, so I told her I'd come down during my April vacation. When my mom and dad heard that, they decided to come too. So it's somehow turned into every road trip from my childhood, sitting in the backseat of my parents' car like I'm nine years old. Where's my Walkman? At least I'm staying in a hotel. They better have one stocked bar.

I may need to capture this journey in pictures: Here's me not finding my name (as usual, only crappy variations of it) on a wall display of personalized four-color pens inscribed with "Put the Pedal to the Metal on the New Jersey Turnpike!" Here's me and Petunia, who serves the best grilled cheese ever at the Flingin' Flangin' Diner in Hartford! Hell, that sandwich was worth being riddled with bullets from the drive-by. Love ya, 'Tunia! Never change!

Re: the new blog - thanks for your emails - I'm going to set it up once I'm back.


stefanie said...

Is it the same address as before? If not, you need to fill me in. I am fairly certain you have my email address. :-)

Vacation with the family? Yeah, I couldn't do that anymore. But I'm sure you can. Have fun.

Married Jen said...

Mock, yeah, ing, yeah, bird, yeah, yeah, yeah..........

Loved that pic. Made my day:)