Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Do you have plans for this weekend yet? Because I'm here to tell you that you should go see a little movie called Once. It's sweet and simple and the soundtrack is really lovely. Yes, soundtrack... I purchased a CD for the first time in I don't know how long. Actually, I only bought it because I couldn't Limewire any of the songs.

Speaking of, is it just me or do all of your Limewire searches inexplicably retrieve an audio file called "How to land a girl"? Are they trying to tell me something? Because, well, I don't mean to brag, but I'm hardly hurting in that department. What's up, ladies?

Anyway: Once. It's a love story, sort of, but not overtly so, and I agree with the reviewer who said that if it had been made by Americans it would've sucked. We would've taken whatever delicate bud of potential existed there and turned it into a revoltingly sappy pandering sobfest where someone died in a plane crash while Maroon 5 played in the background. But even though it's not American, it takes place in Ireland which means they speak English, which means no subtitles, which is also good because in addition to Celine Dioning your movies, Americans are lazy and devoid of culture.

And if my recommendation for how you should spend your weekend doesn't work for you, you could always come watch the Sox play WhoCaresIt'sTheNationalLeague with me in Harvard Square. I'll buy you a margarita at the Cactus Club and we can mock Ringo Starr's art exhibit. Because... why? Why does that exist?


Stefanie said...

I heartily second your recommendation. I saw "Once" at the Minneapolis film festival a couple months ago, and I loved it. Definitely one of my favorites so far this year.

Also, if you're looking for more music that's entirely similar, check out The Frames. The lead guy from that band is the lead guy in the movie, and obviously he's behind the soundtrack as well. No idea if you can find The Frames on Limewire, though.

Anonymous said...

I have been on a foreign film/filmed in foreign countries movie kick this month and have to agree with you about Americans ruining certain types of movies. I saw the Trois Couleurs Trilogy: Blue, White, Red on Monday and Tuesday and was fascinated by how amazing they were. I highly recommend seeing all three movies.

I'm excited to check this one out.

Can we go to Medford to get burritos at Chipotle after the margaritas? I'll drive...

Red said...

Yes! Are you local? You can seriously come hang out with Matt and I that day if you want. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, kind of local. I spend a lot of time in Cambridge because my friend lives there. I like to go to Trader Joe's, PaperSource, and Chipotle. I have no qualms about traveling an hour to eat and drink with friends. If you are serious, I'd love to hang out.