Sunday, January 16, 2005

just, you know, stuff

On Saturday, sometime after encountering the waitress that was full of hate, I met up with Mark, during which I arrived at a couple of realizations: 1) trying to keep up with Mark in a public place is like trying to keep up with a toddler with ADD in a public place, and 2) my taste buds are dead. I am obsessed with all things spicy. I order extra spicy sauce for my sushi because they can't make the spicy maki spicy enough for me. The most ghetto habit that I picked up from my old roommate was a love for Frank's Red Hot sauce, which I put on things never intended to be made spicier. I also put ground red pepper on anything that sits still long enough. My poor tongue. I clearly have a problem.

On Sunday, I watched the Golden Globes pre-show and some of the show with Jen

(during which we determined the following catty things: dresses that have a different type of fabric just on your boobs, a la Star Jones, are not that cute; Jen finds Orlando Bloom more attractive as a Hobbit than a human; Annette Bening was so unimpressed by her award and delivered a speech with such calculated aloofness that it made me instantly hate her--she was much better as a jolly pregnant lady at the Oscars; Jennifer Garner is cute as hell, I know, but the dimples thing is getting really irritating; Natalie Portman was wearing a nightgown; and Renee Zelwegger will just always suck hard)

in between going down to Cora's, where it became even more singularly clear to me how much I loathe football and that I cannot wait for baseball to start. Jen and Cora live in the same apartment building, so being over there is like college all over again, especially because Deb and Dave were there, too. (The other Jen is considering taking over Cora's apartment when Cora moves to Connecticut this summer. This would make my life more fun, but the Jen and Jen differentiation much more confusing.) Dave continued to try to figure out a way to steal all my iTunes music legally, while I continue to use iTunes to make CDs for my friends that contain songs like Rock the Casbah and I Wanna Sex You Up. Jen modeled dresses for me to wear to a benefit for her dad, who is a math teacher at a Jewish school and is being honored next weekend for years of service. But because of their rules, you basically can't wear anything that shows any skin, so she ended up looking like Mary Poppins, albeit a hot Mary Poppins.

Then I had to sadly tear myself away from the TV and schlep to meet the other Jen, whose friend's band was playing in a hole-in-the-wall in Allston. I feel like I'm karmically indebted when my friends ask me to go with them to see no-name bands in no-name bars because so many of mine did the same thing for me. I ran into some other people from college, including That Guy Luke who was the other columnist in our campus paper. All we needed was Keith and we would have finally had a freakin' meeting, seven years after the fact. And in keeping with my New Year's resolution to cook more, today I made black cherry Jell-O. Hello, it requires boiling water.

The biggest news of my weekend is that I finally learned how to use my cell phone to the fullest of its potential. I put a whole bunch of numbers in it, changed the wallpaper, and the ring! I am unspeakably excited about this!

I'll still probably never turn it on though, who am I kidding.


Anonymous said...

You guys are such horrible geeks. He was an Elf, not a Hobbit!


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