Tuesday, January 11, 2005

missing phone update

[See New Year's entry for background]
So, while Friend is at my apartment, she gets a call from her mom: "Somebody named Anthony called to tell you he picked up your phone at the bar." Friend is ecstatic and calls Anthony and arranges a time to meet to pick it up. They end up meeting somewhere in Boston. Anthony's friend drives up, Anthony gets out of the car, says "you're missing a phone?", hands it to Friend, and leaves. The entire exchange apparently took about 3.2 seconds. That seemed kind of funny to me; you'd think he'd have offered some explanation for why he picked up the phone, or make a joke about it, or something? But whatever, Friend was just happy to have it back. Then she checks the recent calls and sees that Anthony called a bunch of 900 numbers. Nice. Then she sees that he also called me. Recent calls looked something like this:

Red cell

What? Suddenly it's a Lifetime movie.* Was I in on this all along? Who can you trust? Am I running a second "business" out of my home? Am I Anthony? Then we realized that, alphabetically, my name is first in her phone, so he probably just called the first name listed before thinking to call the home listing. Still. It kind of creeped me out. Note to strangers: don't be calling me in between your phone sex. I never thought we'd have to have this conversation, Anthony. Yet here we are.

*I will be played by a young Meredith Baxter.

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