Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lost and found

You're all going to be really proud. Actually, you probably won't care. Ha, either way, you're reading this so you're mine and it doesn't matter if you care or not. What was Steve's line in his first and only blog entry? "Right now I own you because I'm doing the thinking for you"? Yeah, something like that. His delivery was better, I'm sure. Dating him was the only time I've ever had to play the straight man.

Anyway, I finally have a TV show that I'm going to watch every week! I made the strategic decision to become a fan of Lost. Conveniently, before the second season premiere tonight they had an hour long recap of the first season. It was actually the perfect way to watch a suspenseful show, because it was all the good stuff cut together, and when something happened they'd explain it all immediately, but if I'd watched the whole season it would've taken weeks to get all the answers.

Actually, maybe I'll just wait and watch the second season recap in a year before the third season premiere. Hmmm.

I also watched The Office and liked that, too! It's an exciting new TV world for me! It's motivating me to get DVR already. (Or is it a DVR? Subscribe to DVR? I don't even know. I feel like my mom when she calls her portable music device her "pod.")

Except once again customer service monkeys stand between me and technology. I had to get a new modem over the weekend because my old one died and when I called Comcast to hook me back up and I asked the guy about DVR, he very snootily replied that he works for the COMPUTER division of Comcast and that every customer service person couldn't possibly know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. Jeez, apparently.

And then I said, "Well, I didn't mean to IMPLY that you should..." at which point my dad, who was under my computer desk installing the modem, looked up at me in disbelief as if to say, "Are you seriously fighting with the Comcast guy that you JUST got on the phone with?"

Anyway, Lost is scary. I don't usually like things that are scary, creepy, whatever. I don't like those ads for that new show about aliens: "Mommy, you smell different." UGH! That's because she's a fucking ALIEN DEMON BEAST WOMAN who is going to suck your brain out through a straw and then the forensics team will come in and take pictures and shake their heads and go back to headquarters and look at the cells under microscopes which they somehow can see perfectly even though all their offices are practically pitch black in order to create a more intense lighting environment for dramatic reaction shots!

OK, so clearly Jen has made me watch CSI a few times lately, and I HATE THAT SHOW. This is how she ropes me in: "...and we can cook dinner and make that CD and watch CSI and have ice cream and you're pretty." OK, not a direct quote, but you get the jist. Mind tricks, people. And then just plain bullying: She puts it on and goes, "Oh, we don't have to watch it if you don't have to," so I reach over and change the channel. Then she changes it back. Then I change it. Then I cry a little because I know she could beat me up. She's been working out a lot lately.

Anyway, after one episode of CSI I had a dream that I killed a bunch of people and someone else was blamed for it and I went to look at real estate, and while I was walking through this empty house with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I realized that I was going to have to turn myself in and how much that was going to suck. Does this suggest something disturbing about me? I mean, beyond the dream acquaintance with the Party of Five she-devil.

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