Thursday, April 27, 2006


I don't know what's happened to me since I acquired DVR. It started out simple enough, recording pretty much what I anticipated I would: Lost, The Office, Teachers before I realized it was horrendous, an occasional rerun of Friends or $40 a Day (Giggles is OK in moderation).

But last weekend I lost my mind. I spent about a half hour programming everything, and when I checked it today, I can't imagine what I was thinking: Mysterious Death of Cleopatra on the Discovery Channel, Eclipse Chasers on the Travel Channel, a documentary that discusses, among other things, how mustard is made, Lost Cities of the Amazon on the History Channel... and then it made me laugh because underneath it all is my recording of MTV's Fat Camp, where it will remain until the end of time.

The problem is that all of these shows sounded neat when I scrolled through them, and I do love documentaries about pretty much anything, but now I have 974 of them. What the hell is my problem? Where do I draw the line? Normally I would've thought mustard-making wouldn't make the cut, but apparently not. I need help.

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