Sunday, April 30, 2006

dinner, with a side of Taylor Dayne

Me: Do you hear that?
Steve: Hear what?
Me [straining to hear]: "Love, soft as an easy chair... love, fresh as the morning air..."
Steve: You can hear that?
Me: I can hear soft rock anywhere.


Me: Do you hear THAT?
Steve: Yeah. What is it?
Me: "Didn't we almost have it all... when love was all we had worth giving..."
Steve: Oh God.


Steve and I, simultaneously, when we both hear the Bee Gees and "Nobody gets too much heaven no more...": Wow!
Me: This is very impressive. This is top shelf soft rock.


Me: This one was totally my song for the guy I had a crush on in ninth grade! What station do they have on?!
Steve: I think they've just got a USB port connected to the iPod in your glove compartment.
Me: After we eat, can we go sit at the bar and listen to more songs?

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