Monday, May 01, 2006

more baseball drivel

Right now I should be writing three reports that I want to get done by tomorrow, but it's 10 PM, the bottom of the 8th, and the Sox now have a 7-3 lead over New York. It's funny because all the speculation was on what Boston's reaction would be to Johnny Damon, but the last minute action was Mirabelli being back with us after having inexplicably left. He was always so cheerfully under the radar, the other catcher in the shadow of Varitek's giant goateed C. It wasn't until Bard dropped about 75 of Wakefield's knuckleballs last week that everyone realized how easy Mirabelli had always made it look, and the powers that be scrambled to get him back. And they got him back at zero hour... ushering him in on a private jet and rushing him to the park with a police escort, without a moment to spare. That just struck me as so funny. Big lug, unassuming, smiley Doug Mirabelli, you're kind of a rock star now, and I love it!

They just won. Good form on Johnny's part, to tip his hat. But Tom Caron is calling him "a very classy player" right now and that's not at all how I'd describe him. Johnny's fun, but he's dippy, and anything he does that comes across as well-executed is more him accidentally marketing himself well, I think. Now, Ortiz is a classy player. And dresses like a PIMP, incidentally.

And while I'm on the subject of baseball, I have to mention that Party Jen was out dancing last night until the wee hours with Bernie Williams. Has she now earned her nickname or what? That story will continue to amuse me all week.

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so any update on Party Jen and Bernie Williams?