Saturday, April 08, 2006

lay down the law

There was an article in the paper today about how British lawyers are thinking about getting rid of the curly white wigs that they've been wearing in court for the past 300 years. To which I can only say: What to the who now? There are actually still people wearing those? Did you all know about this? I sure didn't. I know England is a little bit cheerio old chap but doesn't this seem like a bit much? In the article there's a picture of a woman who has been making these wigs by hand for years. In between beating her rag dress against the rocks and carting water in from the well, I would imagine.

So, yes, in response to the lawyer in London who wonders if they're a little antiquated... I say go with that instinct. The only other acceptable solution would be to make it mandatory for all lawyers, everywhere, to wear them. I'd definitely look forward to jury duty. I could be persuaded to start breaking some laws just to be able to experience this phenomenon firsthand. Hell, I might even go to law school and strive to sport one of those bad boys myself. But I'd inevitably take it too far because I'd also want to wear the high white tights and the frilly jacket and have everyone hanged for being witches and not believing that the Earth is the center of the universe.

Would it just be trial lawyers? Because it'd be great if you were closing on a house on a random Tuesday night and your real estate lawyer looked like he was getting ready to sign the Declaration of Independence.

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