Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a little bit lost

Lost is freaking me the freak out. And I'm not even watching it religiously anymore; I'm just getting the synopsis from Elusive Jen. That's really the way to watch that show, though... get the gist after the fact. Otherwise that's an hour of your life sitting on your couch, panicked that Walt's about to pop up, all wet and whispering something.

Elusive didn't buy my opinion about why the show is basically ridiculous (that I've shared here before) which is that if a random Delta flight went down on an island, the surviving passengers wouldn't break off into tribes and become savages; they'd be crying and confused and trying to get cell reception. She says yes they would, didn't you read Lord of the Flies, that's exactly what would happen, in the absence of a society something f'ed up gets created. So, what, when stripped of our homes and shoes and iPods and Blueberries, a dictatorship is the natural way of things? Neat! (You have to get on board or else they kill you! Catch up.)

The whole thing with Lost is that, when all is said and done, they can't get all science fiction on us. People will have a violent reaction like they did to Vanilla Sky. So, my new theory is that the entire thing is a social experiment, launched by Some Random Guy That We'll Meet in The Final Episode Who Will Be Impeccably Groomed Because He's Been Watching Everything From a Hilton On A Nearby Island, and he's in cahoots with one of the main characters... Locke or Party of Five. It has to go straight to the top... I'm betting Locke. They started the whole thing to see what would really happen in a situation like this. Elusive thinks the plane passengers were drugged, or something, and the plane crash was staged; it couldn't have crashed because obviously the people running this experiment couldn't have guaranteed the right people would survive. Because the people there were selected; there are too many connections between all of them for that to be a coincidence. The people putting this together didn't know the other group of Others were there; that was a oh-well-what-are-you-gonna-do island surprise, like $11 pina coladas. And all the crazy shit that's going down is even getting to the Main Character Who is Involved in Staging This; it may be making him insane and he's really believing that he needs to input those numbers every eleven seconds, lest the world implode. So he was involved in the conception of this but now everything is turning on its head and the guy who designed the experiment is now experiencing the experiment himself.

I basically just described the plot of Clue. ("Let us in, let us in! Let us out, let us out!") Blah, I don't know. Show's still freakin' creepy, though.

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