Tuesday, July 04, 2006

last night, or the slow disintegration of Party Jen's and my moral compass

It started with Roobar, purveyor of the $12 martini. Progressed to Liam Maguire's, home to a fiddle and spoons-playing band and Wachusett blueberry (on tap!). Downgraded to Towne Tavern, where I started to ask Jen what she wanted to drink and noticed that they had two choices: Bud Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon (a.k.a. Bud Lighter). Jen came back from the ladies and gave me a multiple choice quiz: "The bathroom contains A) a man, B) paintings of French cafes, or C) both of the above." We knew it was time to go home when we were invited to a party by a guy who mimed pumping a keg.

It was a perfectly steady decline from respectable to utter sleaze. And being out on the Cape instead of Boston meant no lines, no covers, no wall-to-wall people. We had the best time.

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