Monday, July 03, 2006

wash that drama right out of my hair

I'm at CVS restocking Cape stuff, particularly for the guest bathroom, because Party Jen and Dorie are both going to be using it this week, and the only thing in there right now is a lonely bar of Dial and some aloe vera, circa four years ago. So I pick up shampoo and conditioner, and I see that Herbal Essences has a new line called Drama Clean. It smells good and, you know, where there be my friends, there be drama, so maybe this is my subtle way of saying, "You're on vacation now; cleanse yourself of stress." Or maybe it's just shampoo and I'm not Deepak Chopra.

In the checkout line, the cashier is just tickled. "Drama Clean! That's so funny! I wonder if you wash your hair with it enough if all the drama in your life just goes away."

Huh. Maybe I should get some for myself, too.

Happy drama-free 4th, everyone!

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