Saturday, August 19, 2006

have you never been mellow

Usually when I'm on the Cape it's a full house, especially in season, but right now it's quiet, for the most part and until tomorrow, when things pick up around here and at night we all head to Chillingsworth, the most sublime food experience you could ever hope to have, around these parts anyway. Is it wrong to look forward to a meal all weekend? If you knew this place, you'd feel the same way, I swear. Anyway, this is pretty much what I've been up to in the meantime...

Wake up around 9, think about how much I love outdoor showers, but there isn't one here so take an indoor shower (products? I'm so glad you asked... Clinique sparkle skin body exfoliating cream, NARS body serum)
Wet hair, flip flops, shorts, bottle of water, sunblock to prevent me from certain death, book, deck
Lunch at the Dolphin with mom and her friend... oysters, Portuguese sweet bread, and continue to allow the Sox to rip my still-beating heart out of my chest
Shopping and art galleries in Barnstable... buy earrings with "moonstones" in them at a "magical" shop and am handed a pamphlet telling me about their healing powers (I just say thanks because "thanks, crazy" seems like an insensitive response)
No one wants to go to the whaling museum in Nantucket with me unless it involves drinking at the Club Car; I dismiss everyone I know as ignorant and alcoholic
Turn on cell to see what's going on with my peoples at home (I know, the point is to have it on all the time. I'm getting there...)
Bring iPod to New Seabury beach (Zero 7, thank you Greg)
Stop at grocery store for lemons, peaches and corn on the cob; raw bar at Popponesset for lobster; make dinner at home
Sunset boat ride on Waquoit Bay with dad; lovely but not as romantic as it sounds. He tells me he'll go to the whaling museum with me... whee!
A couple neighbors are over, a glass of wine or three, everyone's barefoot
Stop at the Roo Bar with neighbor from back home who's working on Cape for the summer... I used to babysit him and now he's applying to law school, which is disturbing on many levels... also, the Sox are ruining my life and I cannot discuss them any further without swearing and flailing
Peppermint tea with raw honey, several rounds of dirty texting
Jacuzzi with Philosophy's Falling in Love bubble bath, Creme de La Mer, read my book in bed

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