Tuesday, August 15, 2006

why online dating is not for the faint of heart

I was going to meet this guy for a drink, and then he called to confirm the when/where. This is what I heard coming out of my phone:

"So you seem really nice and cute and you live in [same city as him] and you're a redhead and the way I see it is just let's get together and see if we have a connection physical or otherwise and if so then great! What I'm saying is yay!"


"I have three dealbreakers. Do you want to hear my dealbreakers? Wait hold on that's my call waiting. Red? Red? That's my son calling. I told you I have a son, right? Can you hold on?"


"Red? Red? Hey, I'm back. Yeah, that was my son. He's only three and a half, so obviously SHE put him on the phone. That's fine though. I pre-pay the minutes and I prefer to use them to talk to the girls I'm courting. You know?"

I suddenly became very, very busy. Packed schedule. Booked for infinity.

I told some friends, naturally, and one said, "He's a loser. Who pre-pays for minutes?" I guess everyone has their own dealbreakers.

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