Saturday, October 21, 2006

Watch Out For That Dieing Gas

If you're looking for a spooky story to entertain your friends with this Halloween, I'm happy to share this gem that I wrote when I was eight.

One day in a town called Socksbury there lived 2 beautiful maidens but they were no more lucky then dirty pigs in fact a wicked wicth had put them under a spell it was every time they reached the age 16 they would go back to the age of 7 1/2! So one day the little maidens turned back to 7 1/2 so the wicth made sure they stayed 7 1/2 for the rest of her life the prettey children were then slaved starting at the crack a don and working to 5:30 in the morning then they always tried to kill the wicth but with her truly powerful powers they were forced out and very terrefid. So one day while maiden Jessica was ironing and maiden Elizabeth [editor's note: ha] was scrubbing the steps they decided to sneakout at night. Meanwhile, the wicth was very sick because maidens had put dieing gas on her favorite chair so every time she went to sit down she would get sicker. Finlay, the maiden sprayed it all over her bedroom, quickly they ran away. Suddenly, they bumped into the wicked wicth herself. Wacth your way you brats said the wicth. I am going to bed there is a list of chores to do in the darkness room. Yes Mrs. Wicth they said. Suddenly a loud shot came form the wicth she burst out of the room and ran after the girls. Run Jessica cried Elizabeth. I will! shouted Jessica. Run your fastest you fools I am turning you both to chopped liver! Hocass pocass and...whats the rest thought the wicth. You brats tell me or you shall die! I'd love to see you try to kill us shouted Jessica. Yes sighed Elizabeth. Now the wictch had it she flew after the children as they ran faster and faster as the wicth came closer. Soon the wicth found out those beautiful maidens were not her children they wanted parents of there own. Suddenly the wicth decided to be no longer cruel! Then a crash bang came to the wicth it was Elizabeth. Elizabeth had fell dead tears run down Jessica's checcks tears ran down the wicth's balck skin the instant the wicth's hand touched Elizabeth's the wicth turned into a pair of people! Elizabeth woke up in a second. Our parents! They got a great big kiss they had parents. The End

And on the next page:

My braclets

20 rubber braclets
1 yellow braclet
1 curly braclet
2 blue thicky braclets
1 white solid braclet
1 heart braclet
1 shiny one
18 pipe cleaner braclets

I'm not sure what's scarier: the wicth or an 8-year-old covered in pipe cleaners.


Anonymous said...

ironing and maiden. How very metal.

kate said...

8-year-old me is totally jealous of your bracelet collection. and your mad spelling skillz.

guinness girl said...

HA! I personally love "hocASS and pocASS".

I wish I had my kid-Halloween story. I only remember that it involved a ghost that, when killed, spewed "white blood and purple guts." Terrefi-ing, indeed.

Maliavale said...

I don't know, I think the fact that you described something as "thicky" might be the scariest of all.

Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

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Greg said...

Hey Red, congrats on the BOTDA!!

Does anyone remember Swans Crossing?

Red said...

GREG! I was obSESSED with Swans Crossing. What brought that on?

Jenny said...

"Sockbury". Hee!

Greg said...

I'm not sure... I guess I better do some soul searching on that...

Melissa said...

I was also obsessed with Swans Crossing. God, how I wanted Garrett Booth... and wanted to be Sydney Rutledge.

Darren McLikeshimself said...

Ugh! I hated having to do my chores in the darkness room! Worst room in the house to clean.

Anonymous said...

Kate, 27yrold me is totally thinking, "hmmm, we have pipe cleaners in the craft supply closets..."

Red said...

Anonymous (hi Dave), I didn't even get the connection. Sweet.

Kate, that's "braclet" to you.

GG, awesome! You must recreate that.

Malia, true, it's kind of disturbing and yet hard to describe why, isn't it?

BOTDA (and Greg), thanks!

Jenny, that amused me too.

Melissa, wow, you were hardcore. Remember Milla?

Darren, but the good thing is, how would anyone notice if you hadn't cleaned it?

POBAL, you better start rock the pipe cleaner bracelets, like, yesterday.