Monday, November 27, 2006

City Mouse, Country Mouse

My mom always insists that she hasn't been spoiled by suburbia, that she's still more city girl than circular driveway. Honestly, if there's any Boston left in her, it's strictly Beacon Hill; the woman shops almost exclusively at Talbots and calls a week without a manicure "really chaotic." She grew up in an Irish-Catholic home with a huge oil painting of the Kennedys on the wall and now secretly votes Republican. Don't get me wrong, she's an absolute love, but Dorie and I always delight in her unwillingness to admit that now she's much more "go children slow" than "checks cashed here."

Anyway, my dad is describing an apparently ginormous Christmas lawn decoration that features a snow globe with a penguin that rises out of it. He wants to get it; he says earnestly that it's "wonderful." Same man who came home with a snowman last year that sang and danced to "I'm a Snowman" to the tune of "I'm a Soul Man," which, I have to admit, was pretty freakin' hilarious.

Mom: If you put that thing on the lawn, so help me I'll call someone and have it taken right down.

[Hysterical laughter ensues.]

Mom: I mean, I'LL take it down! I'll take it down myself! I don't need to call anyone to do it! DAMN IT!

Thanks, weird penguin creation, for proving our point once and for all.


kate said...

I assume everyone who reads that dialogue from your mom hears it in a wicked stong Boston accent too, right?

Melissa said...

He should put it up. In the suburbs there is no shame when it comes to the holiday lawn circus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I'm de-lurking to:

a) Tell you that I love your blog;


b) Let your mom know that it could definitely be worse:

Red said...

Kate, it's not wicked strong, but she WOULD yell "fiah" in she saw smoke billowing from a building.

Melissa, I know, right? You guys better put your holiday penguin up soon.

Metaliag, thank you, and welcome! As for that link, yikes, I guess it turns out there's always someone crazier than your family member...