Thursday, February 01, 2007

Better Safe Than Attacked by a Cartoon, I Always Say

Me: Headline on MSN: Did Boston Overreact?
Kate: Yeah, jumpy at toys, huh Boston?
Me: They looked like bombs! Hold us.
Kate: Boston wants to be terrorized. They have a little brother complex.
Me: We'll always remember 1/31.
Kate: You're right. I still have a pre 1/31 mentality.
Me: Listen, if we let it change us, then Aqua Teen Hunger Force has won.
Kate: They're a force of hunger...who could be a bigger evildoer?
Me: I hear it's a show about a talking meatball. Our bad.


Stefanie said...

Thank you for linking to that. I heard them talking about that story extensively on NPR, and I was too lazy to hunt down a photo to see what these damn things that were the source of such controversy looked like.

If we have to worry that the terrorists are going to start making bombs that resemble Lite-Brites, then the world is an even sadder place than I thought. said...

Hey Red, the terrorists have a message for Boston: Pee on you.

Red said...

Sky fist to that, Kate. You can't use my most brilliant comeback against me!

Anonymous said...

I think one of the stranger things to come out of September 11 was this sort of "Us too! Us too!" mentality of cities all across the country.

Nobody wants to blow you up, Louisville. said...

Oh snap "Darren"! I'm from near Louisville and I'll have you know...forget it. you're right.