Friday, February 09, 2007

In My Day...

Apparently, I'm old. It's bad enough that I have to use eye cream, but now I'm starting to think about how, a mere fifteen years ago, things seemed to make so much more sense.

The Real World on MTV has somehow become a debacle of epic proportions. It used to be that this was actually kind of an interesting show about regular people with jobs and occasional bad skin who argued, flirted, and discussed their lives with each other. Now it's aspiring runway models who don't eat, hate themselves, and hump each other like bunnies in the hot tub, and when their season is over they try to wrangle a place on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The Challenge! These kids that rose to "fame" on one of the MTV shows, lest they get a real job, now support themselves by appearing on these yearly challenges. The idea is to win, but they become incensed when someone else plays to win. There's a weird sense of loyalty in that they either adore or loathe each other, although God knows how they can even tell each other apart most of the time. The trump card is calling someone fake or insecure. If you hit someone or act racist, you're so out of there, bitch. You don't just get voted off; you have to battle to keep your position against another opponent in something called the Incinerator or the Pit of Despair or something.

Whatever happened to Rachel's "biggest regret in life" being that she kissed Puck? What happened to Corey, who cried all the time and just wanted to be your friend? Where's John and his cowboy hat? We need John back!

The other thing that makes me realize I'm old is shopping. I seem to recall brightly-lit stores with maybe a little bit of music piped in over the din of the mall. But the other day I went into Abercrombie (where Fitch at?) because through the window I noticed a shirt that looked just like the one that Favorite Cousin loved and ruined changing my tire (hence my guilt over replacing it). I went in and the place is, well, a club. There was even a bouncer. He may have claimed to be there to welcome shoppers, but if I were ten years younger I know he would've checked my ID. The music was blaring and it was practically pitch black. I suddenly felt like ordering a gin and tonic and making out with a stranger. I got the shirt, but not without emotional scars and maybe an STD.

When I got out, I called Favorite Cousin (who was JUST WAKING UP. I had already worked for the day. God love college).

FC: Hey.
Me: Hi. Remember your striped shirt that you got oil on?
FC: Yeah.
Me: I just found its twin, so I'm sending it to you.
FC: Really? Awesome! Where?
Me: Abercrombie. That store is out of control.
FC: Is it?
Me: It's really loud! And dark!
FC: Uh-huh.
Me: I'm old, aren't I?
FC: I hate to say it...


Libragirl said...

In my day, I had to walk to school in the snow, 10 miles - uphill - both ways with shoes that had cardboard bottoms.

I remember when MTV played music. I watched it from the beginning.

I rememeber season 1 of Real World, when it was, Real.

I hate A&F and as much as I am a shoe whore, Steve Madden is just as bad. I don't like screaming for stuff in a store. I am old dag nab it.

kate said...

NO SHIT about Abercrombie! I like when they hire models to work the door as's literally teenagers in their underwear. Is that not illegal? I just shake my head and, with my ears a-ringin’ head for the early-bird special.

I can help you solve one mystery though: John is back in Kentucky. Kids I went to school with knew him and said he roams around town, still wearing his cowboy hat, hoping to be recognized. I assume the others are found similarly wandering the country, relying on someone old like us wanting to buy them drinks and talk about the good old days.

Killer said...

I avoid the mall completely, that is how old I feel. I am only a few months away from black socks and sandals.

stefanie said...

I am older than you are, because I didn't even realize The Real World was still on. I do remember John, though. And Rachel and Puck and Julie. (I could go on, but I'll stop.)

Have you found an eye cream worth buying? (Have you already shared this info and I don't recall?)

thethinker said...

I feel the same way about the Real World, Road Rules, and the Challenge. And I'm 16. It's not just an age thing.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I'm so glad you posted this... I'm quite a bit older than you are, and I feel ancient whenever I walk into those clothing stores. I'm that crotchety old lady that screams it's too loud and could somebody please lower the racket!!!


Also agree with your Real World description. Loved it then, hate it now.

Greg said...

Ah, man. The first few seasons of "The Real World" were the best. Before Road Rules, before the challenge, before the mandatory college tours, and blah blah blah.

Although, it was those first few seasons' greatness that at least partially inspired the current obsession with reality television. And for that reason alone, I shall always hate the show.

Red said...

Libra, DCMM and Greg, okay, glad it's not just me. :)

Kate, oh that's hilarious! But I want him to be happily married to a John-ette living on a ranch with six kids. Not yet, huh? Does that mean he's still a virgin?

Killer, if that day comes, can I ask that you start photoblogging?

Stef, I like the Kiehl's avocado eye cream at night. I think Nabbalicious uses it too. (Also, thanks for giving me an excuse to talk products!)

Thinker, phew, okay. Also, are you the cutest? I love your blog.

thethinker said...

Thank you, Red.