Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me, Me, and Also Me

What kind of doctor would you want to be?
Ummm... a neurologist. But I would imagine that me being a dork who likes neuroscience and actually having that job would be two very different things. I just think it'd be so freakin' neat such exciting and challenging work.

On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? How many hours do you actually require and/or like to have? Do you have a regular bedtime routine that helps you get to sleep?
I'm like a baby... I'd like ten hours a night, but of course that doesn't happen. Even when I go out, I like to be in bed by midnight. I'm really exciting. As for a routine, I wash my face, brush my teeth, jazzercise frantically, the usual. I like to read before bed, and now that I have a TV in my room (my dad gave me a little flatscreen for Christmas) I might watch a few minutes of something. I never really gave Scrubs a chance and now that it's syndicated I catch it more often, and you know what I learned? That show's really freakin' funny. Especially the musical episode they just did.

Have you ever sent or received a piece of fan mail?
For what? Actually, this girl I went to high school with wrote a poem for our lit journal and dedicated it to me. It was pretty random because I didn't really know her, but I was flattered by it.

Do you wear a watch every day? If so, describe it.
Just to work. It's Guess, rectangular, black and silver.

Do you wear cologne or perfume?
I like perfume, but I don't really wear it. Sometimes I wear it to bed, which I know is a little ridiculous, but I'm just not a perfume girl during the day, sitting on the floor with kids or going grocery shopping. But I really like Chanel No. 5, Burberry Brit, and Lovely.

Is it easier for men or women to find good partners?
I have no idea. Maybe it's easier for men because women are usually up for a relationship, regardless of how old they are.

If you found your true love, how long would you wait for him/her to return your love?
Why do I have to wait? My true love shouldn't be on the fence. (Also, all that makes me think of is the Princess Bride: "Wuv... twue wuv...")

What profession gets too much respect?

What profession doesn't get enough respect?
Yours. You work hard for the money.

How long have you held your current job and how does it rate against your former jobs as far as overall happiness?
Two and a half years. I'm much happier in this job than any other job I've ever had.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
I get up at 6:45, leave at 7:15ish, get to work by 7:45 or 8, and depending on the day I'm either in meetings or seeing kids from 8:30-2:30. I have 38 kids and my days are broken up by half hours (which is why I wear the watch). The kids leave at 2:45 and on Mondays and Fridays I usually leave shortly thereafter. The other days I have kids I see after school, which is how I supplement my income, and I'm usually done with that by 5 or 5:30.

If you had to describe the thing done by someone at work that drives you the craziest, what would you say?
I don't appreciate negativity or laziness (at work, that is... in my personal life, I demand it). In my opinion, educators need to be smart, proactive, and willing to stand on their head if that's what it takes. I also don't care much for practitioners or administrators who don't work with kids anymore but appoint themselves with titles that mean nothing (like literacy specialist or educational consultant) and write long-winded reports pontificating about everything that a child needs to succeed. If you're out of the game then you just don't really know.

Where are you in birth order in your family... first, last, middle, only? Do you think that has any effect on your personality? Do you buy into the stereotypes of birth order?
I wrote an entry about this once. I'm an only and I don't really buy into any of the stereotypes. Well, of course I don't, because they're all negative. I think onlys are supposed to be socially awkward and loners, but that's not exactly me, so go figure. I think how you interact with the planet depends more on your natural-born personality and how your parents raised you.

If, for one month, you had to live day and night at any one retail store, which one would it be?
If you have to ask, you haven't been reading my blog long enough. Sephora!

Have you ever gone on a blind date?
So much so that you'd think it was my favorite hobby.

What's the weather like right now in your neck of the woods?
Gah, totally crappy. We had an ice storm and everyone's carma was shot today: I spent an hour willing my so-called SUV to go in reverse, Joe got his first speeding ticket, it took Melissa two hours to get to work, and Mardi couldn't get out at all. We had to cancel all our parents meetings because no one made it to work on time. But Mark, he had the worst day of all. While using a pick ax to try and free his car, he somehow ripped his pants, in his own words, "to smithereens, and my jolly rogers fell out."

If you were to audition for American Idol, what would your song be?
I would never audition, but I guess that answer is no fun. It would have to be a medley of Rock Lobster, Rhythm of the Night, and In Da Club. If I'm doing it, I'm DOING IT. Oh, and for my finale I'd go into a short rendition of Giving You the Best That I Got by Anita Baker. Ever since I found out that Dorie's husband secretly likes that song, it's one of my favorite slow jams. Baby.

What was the last thing you spent money on?
Two of the kids next door rang my doorbell and asked if they could clean the snow and ice off my car, and then twenty minutes later they rang it again and said they were done. So I gave them $6 (easier to split than $5). I don't know, what's the going rate for child labor?

Can you name them all the Presidents in the order they were in office? Can you name their respective Vice Presidents? Do you know what state they hailed from? What do you know?
No, no, no, and not much, apparently.

Does sure mean the same as yes? Does no problem mean the same as thank you? Are there other words that you can think of that are different, but are interchangeable in daily conversation?
Sure means the same as yes. No problem means you're welcome, not thank you. I've heard that "I'm/we're all set" is a uniquely American saying. I defy anyone to eat at a restaurant without saying it at least once.

What's the tackiest place you’ve been on holiday and loved?
Niagara Falls! Or Epcot Center. Welcome to Germany, it's Oktoberfest! Hey, it's Canada, look at this maple leaf. Epcot is the epicenter of kitsch and cultural stereotypes and I love all that stuff. Also, one time I was on the ride in the big golf ball, which is a vague odyssey of technology through the years, and at one point the booming voice said, "Technology! Imagine how far we've come! Imagine how far we can go!" and then the ride stopped and a tiny voice came on: "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please remain in your vehicle." I guess that's just about as far as technology goes.

Do you watch Lost? Do you have a theory for what's happening on the island?
I used to watch it. I don't really anymore. It's on too late now and even though it's programmed on my DVR, I never get around to watching it. This is lame, but I get scared by that rush of music they use to cut between scenes... I don't know how else to describe it, but it freaks me out. Anyway, my theory is that the whole thing started as a sociological experiment (I love describing anything as "sociological"... it's almost as fun as starting sentences with "in society today"). Anyway, the experiment went awry (entry creepy whooshing music here). At least one of the main characters is involved... this conspiracy goes right to the top, my friends. Also? I don't care. So far as I can tell right now everyone's locked in a cage, screaming and crying in the rain, or something. Yawn.

If you were stranded on an uninhabited tropical island that does have shelter and plenty of food and water, what one item would you want with you on the island?
Say it with me now: Jason Varitek. Maybe he could bring some books or crossword puzzles word searches with him. I need to keep the brain sharp so I can figure out how to prevent anyone from ever finding us.

What are your five favorite songs?
Learning to Fly by Tom Petty, 17 Again by the Eurythmics, You Get What You Give by the New Radicals, Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder (I'm so white, I glow in the dark!), and You Are the Love of My Life by Carly Simon (which is not as wedding dancey as it sounds... it's a song for your kids).

What song makes you think of high school?
Anything by Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots or Hole. But a more recent little song called White Houses by Vanessa Carlton sums it up pretty well.

What song makes you think of college?
Anything by Dave Matthews. And, for better or worse, any of the swing music that was popular then, like the Squirrel Nut Zippers or the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

What song makes you think of your 20s?
I'll let you know...

10 comments: said...

Red's hair is red
her eyes are (possibly) blue (?)
She once had one poem about her
Now she has two.

Melissa said...

Add me to the crappy carma. It took 2 hours to get to work this morning. TWO HOURS on 128. 30 minutes to get from Exit 40 to Exit 37 alone. We were going 5 mph the whole way, never above 10. I was fried when I got in. So I went out for a long lunch with Mardi and had a Friendly's grilled cheese to make it better.

Stefanie said...

Did you actually find those questions somewhere, or did you just make them up? Because that presidents one? Seriously, who knows that stuff?? And why is it almost immediately followed by an American Idol question? Whoever wrote that list... their brain frightens me a bit.

Anyway... I should probably comment on your own clever genius, but instead I just have to say that Mark's post-pants-ripping line completely cracked me up. Jolly Rogers. Heh. I'm still laughing. :-)

Red said...

Kate, thanks! I'm glad you're coming this weekend so you'll have a chance to gaze deeply into my GREEN eyes.

Melissa, blech! I added you to the list. You know what I want now? Grilled cheese from the S&S.

Stef, I get most of them from the Daily Meme. They're so random.

don't call me MA'AM said...

"I need to keep the brain sharp so I can figure out how to prevent anyone from ever finding us."


Killer said...

That survey was so long it was practically sociological.

I love that you listened to the Squirell Nut Zippers.

metalia said...

I know you said you'd never audition for American Idol, but SERIOUSLY. Please consider doing so with that medley. Oh hell, I'd be happy even if it was just Rock Lobster.

(I would totally live at Sephora, too.)

Liz said...

It makes me happy to know you're in the classroom. I used to be a teacher too and was passionate about it. I wanted nothing more than for merit pay to enter into the school system. It seemed I worked really hard and put my entire sould into teaching and yet there were others who hated the kids in their classes.

Keep up the good work!

Liz said...

What's a "sould"? I meant "soul". I didn't say I taught spelling.

By the way, I taught spelling.

Red said...

DCMM, funny maybe... but true! :)

Killer, thanks for sticking with it until the bitter end. You're all a part of the experiment.

Metalia, I may have to do that and post it. I'm not sure how to, but I think my friend Keith has the technology to make it happen.

Liz, thanks! Also, totally cracked up at your second posting.