Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowed In and Self-Absorbed

I guess it's more like I'm iced in. Anyway, this is what I'm liking at the moment in the land of products. You should go out and buy all of this right now, or come over sometime and we can play beauty parlor. Just kidding, you can't come over. You're a stranger from the internet.

Face cream: For almost two months I've been loving Booth's Marshmallow Day Cream and Shea Butter Nighttime Dream Cream. I also use their Fruit Enzyme Balance Toner. It's all cheap and available at Brooks. My skin looks better than when I was using much more expensive stuff. Who knew?

Eye cream: During the day I wear Bare Escentuals eye rev-er upper, which is just a brightener. At night I use Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado. I have no idea if it works or what it's supposed to do, really, but it feels good. My mom's friend Bonnie, who may well be one of the more infuriating people on the planet, told me I'd end up with more eye wrinkles than the average person because I have dry skin. To quote Kate: So glad you came out, Bon.

Cleanser: I've been Cetaphil's bitch for years now. I used their gentle skin cleanser for years and just switched to their new daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin (even though my skin is dry, RIGHT BONNIE?). I like the new one. It feels like it packs a little more cleansing oomph than the original. (My favorite, and, well, only Cetaphil story is an old boyfriend who liked to use mine sometimes but inexplicably called it Galderma, which is a tiny word on the bottom of the label. It would be like calling Diet Pepsi "16.9 full ounces.") I also use Almay oil-free eye makeup remover.

Makeup: I love Bare Escentuals. I use the fair foundation, the lightest shade, and their mineral veil, with a tiny bit of Revlon Skinlights in natural light on top. During the day I like Benefit high brow or MAC pigment in pink opal, and Almay intense i-color mascara in brown topaz. I sometimes wear MAC eye pencil in taupe but I should probably throw it away because it's a couple years old. When I go out at night I've been really liking Bare Escentuals' smoky eye kit (skyline eyeshadow and celestine glimmer) for a couple months now.

Mouth: I wear Blistex lip tone like it's my job. They don't have it everywhere so anytime I see it I buy three. During the day I either wear just that or Clinique Almost Lipstick in black honey. At night I like a Bare Escentuals lipstick shade called remember and Smashbox lip gloss. To bed, I wear Blistex overnight lip treatment which is awesome.

Soap: Dove is always my favorite. Sometimes I veer off into the land of Olay, but I always go back to Dove. Right now it's their gentle exfoliating beauty body wash.

Shampoo: I go back and forth between Biolage normalizing shampoo and conditioner, and Fresh soda shampoo and pomegranate conditioner. I occasionally use their meadowfoam conditioner. After I go to the gym I like using Philosophy The Fragrance shampoo/shower gel. Needless to say it's almost full.

Lotion: We'll talk summery lotions when the weather warms up, yes? For now it's all about lotions that are rich and creamy for your winter weary skin (why yes, sometimes I like to talk like I write for InStyle). I love Sephora super supreme body butter and Bath and Body Works type shea personality body cream. Palmer's cocoa butter is always good, year round, actually. I slather my students with Dove lotion from elbows to fingertips when they complain about their dry skin, which is sometimes raw and cracking. Parents, moisturize your kids, if only in the winter! And while you're at it, help them with their damn homework. Those fractions aren't going to multiply themselves totally incorrectly on their own.


fiwa said...

Ok, I must come out of lurk-dom to ask:

"During the day I wear Bare Escentuals eye rev-er upper, which is just a brightener."

What is a brightener? Do you wear it instead of eye shadow, or in addition to?

don't call me MA'AM said...

I can't say enough about Bare Escentuals products. LOVE THEM. Especially the skin rev-er-upper and the eye rev-ers, too.

Cetaphil is my best friend for life. Switching to another cleanser even for one day is a recipe for disaster.

I heart your product lists and would totally come play beauty parlor... except for this effing weather.

Stefanie said...

Maybe this time I will actually print out this list and put it in my purse. Because, seriously, I have considered doing that. And I probably should. It'd be better than standing at Sephora, thinking, "What would Red buy?"

Um, not that I've ever done that. No. That would be creepy. I am, after all, just a stranger from the Internet. said...

Yes! Sky fist to Skin Lights. I'm like a crack dealer for that stuff.

p.s. maybe you shouldn't commit to print a sentence about lotioning your students up, Miss Letourneau?

Red said...

Fiwa, hi and thanks for de-lurking! You put a little bit of it all around my eye area, especially underneath, after you put on your moisturizer. Then you let it dry and apply whatever makeup you're wearing. It just makes your eyes look brighter, less dark circles, that kinda thing.

DCMM, nice! I haven't used the skin rev-er upper... it's good, huh?

Stef, hee, I would be so flattered. And I don't count blogfriends as strangers from the internet. :) Plus, you look just like Elusive Jen, so it's like you and I are already BFF.

Oh, Kate. Leave it to you. You're dirtier than a dolphin masturbator.