Sunday, March 11, 2007


Want to know what I did? Well, I'll tell you. I retemplated (hells yes it's a word) my blog and then I couldn't get the original template back. One minute Blogger welcomed it with open arms, and the next minute it was like, "I'm sorry, and you are?" You fickle free host, you. So I played around until I finally ended up with a version that I liked better. Whee, blog makeovers... blakeovers!

On Friday I went to Nashua, New Hampshire with my friends. Ironically, we drove an hour across state lines to go to a place called Boston Billiards. I don't really play pool but it turns out I AM open to several shots of patron silver. Yeah, I was 22 again for a night. A full day later, I dimly recalled trying to make a compelling argument for why Joe is a pickle. The only bad part of the place was that they had a dance floor but it wasn't open, so I was not able to demonstrate that this ain't a scene, it's a GODDAMN ARMS RACE! What, I said I was 22. Getting down to Fall Out Boy is not only acceptable, it's encouraged. The best part of the whole night was the premise of the evening: Lo had a date and we all decided to go with her. What a sport that guy was. I enjoyed his friend, too, until he dry humped me in the parking lot of a Denny's several hours later. Ahh, New Hampshire. Good times, good times.

Also, I'm very happy about a CD that I made called Wigglemix '07 (named for what it makes you do). The songs on it are below. I've been rocking out to it every day, my friends. If you want to as well, shoot me an email and I'll send you the songs. I mean, encourage you to get them on iTunes.

Grace Kelly (Mika)
Flathead (The Fratellis)
Don Gon Do It (The Rapture)
Read My Mind (The Killers)
Do You Want To (Franz Ferdinand)
We Used To Be Friends (Dandy Warhols)
Disconnect The Dots (Of Montreal)
Here It Goes Again (OK Go)
We Will Become Silhouettes (The Postal Service)
Turn On Me (The Shins)
On The Radio (The Concretes)
Time Bomb (The Format)
Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (CSS)
The Way We Get By (Spoon)
Ruby (Kaiser Chiefs)
Nth Degree (Morningwood)
Another Sunny Day (Belle & Sebastian)
I Still Remember (Bloc Party)
Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games (Of Montreal)
Jenny, You're Barely Alive (Rilo Kiley)

Look familiar, Greg? Did I do good?


Libragirl said...

If rockin out to Fall Out Boy makes you 22, then 22 I am.
I love the CD. Love it. Grace Kelly is an awesome song. The album comes out in a week or so.
Did you put the original Used to Be Friends or the remix they use know on Veronica Mars opening.
really a good cd. Totally jealous

Greg said...

Ha ha-- both the template and the playlist look awesome. I've been listening to "I Still Remember" and that whole Bloc Party CD over and over again lately. So good. :)

nabbalicious said...

Now I'm going to be singing "Come on now, sugaaaahh!" all day. Thank you for that. Looks like a swell mix!

stefanie said...

When I stopped by last night, The Tent was pink. Today, it is blue. My first thought last night was that, somehow, something called The Cupcake Tent should actually ALWAYS have been pink. That said, the blue is quite nice, too.

I am feeling due for some retemplating myself, but as you just pointed out, it's always more work than you think it's going to be. Is a blakeover really worth the pain?

-R- said...

When I think of Fall Out Boy, I just think of that awful commercial with the guy in the gym listening to Fall Out Boy on his cell phone. Love the name "Wigglemix."

Wavemancali said...

Love the template change. Much cleaner and less pink :)

Joe said...

I am a pickle because you need me to complete any sandwich.

Mymsie said...

Mmm, good mix. Love Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis.

Red said...

Libra, good, I'm glad I'm not alone!

Greg, whee! I'm glad I have your approval.

Nabbalicious, if I can't get songs embedded in your brain, what good am I?

Stefanie, yeah, I was thinking that about the pink too, but in the end it was just too... pink. I felt like I should be writing about bubble gum and cute boys. Which, um, I basically do anyway. As for the blakeover, I'm not sure if it's worth the pain, or the weird things you end up doing, like taking a picture of half your face. Because that's still keeping it anonymous, right?

-r-, I know, that guy sucks. And thanks, I enjoyed the title too.

Wave, thanks!

Joe, yeah, exactly!

Mymsie, thanks!

Killer said...

Excellent choice in tunes.
So, is dry humping on the first meeting a bad thing?