Sunday, April 01, 2007

Opening Day Eve

April! Spring has sprung, people are outside, baseball is starting. On Friday night Dorie and I got swept up in the awesomeness of the weather and then a few seconds later had to cave and run back inside where it was warm. It won't be long, though. Pretty soon it will be bare feet, barbecues, open windows, the Cape, and lazy afternoons/nights with friends. Well, that last one is a constant, regardless of the season.

Speaking of baseball, in honor (sort of) of the season kicking off tomorrow, here's someone doing the worst attempt at a Boston accent you will evah heah. It's pretty horrific but worth it, in my opinion, for "The only thing Boston sucks is a victory pipe."


Liz said...

You have inspired me! I used to be a huge baseball fan but have really sort of dropped the sport. I miss the players and their form fitting uniforms. This is my year. Go Cubbies! That's right, I said Cubbies.

Stefanie said...

Translation? We're entering that time of year when I can no longer relate to half of what you write. ;-)

Just kidding, Red. Even when you talk baseball, you still amuse me.

Lola said...

This guy sucks more than all the Yankers put together! And wasn't there some NewYawk accent trown in dere? Friggin pissah!