Sunday, May 22, 2005

celebrate good times, come on

You know what became official yesterday, after I picked up my mail? It became official that, for every weekend this summer, I have either a wedding, shower, engagement party, or bachelorette party to attend. Some of them are on the same day.

Weddings are great. Music, good food, dancing, you blissfully happy with your new spouse. No complaints whatsoever. Continue to invite me; I'll continue to bring gifts, and you will have the martini glasses that you registered for despite the fact that I've never seen you drink anything aside from beer from the bottle.

Showers, however, are painful. Little old ladies, little mushy sandwiches, little glasses of punch with sherbert that give me a headache. "Wow, look at the salad spinner from Great Aunt Mary!" Don't get me wrong, I love being included to celebrate with you. But you never have and never will spin salad, and we both know this.

So in order to set aside a little time to celebrate me this summer, I'm going to Mexico with Jen. We just booked yesterday. Yay!

Love is clearly in the air, people.


Susan said...

I feel the same way about showers - I just was at my best friends and was bored out of my mind. I got to make the flower arrangements from bows to pass the time. I almost fell asleep she opened the presents so S-L-O-W....

chillier said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - you rock! Want a piece of cake?