Monday, November 20, 2006

Take Five

5 (or 4) Songs For 5 Girls
Jillian - Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrison
Olivia - Let's Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John
Kate - Kate by Ben Folds Five (it has deep metaphorical meaning)
Melissa & Carly - Sweet Home Alabama by Dianne

5 Songs For 5 Boys
Peter - Fading Like a Flower by Roxette (it was my theme for my crush on him circa 1991, and discussing this still makes him flustered)
Ryan - Happy To Be Stuck with You by Huey Lewis (our roommate anthem... why yes, it WAS tremendously lame, thanks for noticing)
Joe's dad - Celebration by Kool & the Gang (don't you guys wish you had a videographer?)
Steve - Cool by Gwen Stefani
Jason Varitek - I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd I Salute Your Skills in the Sport of Baseball by Respectful Fan

5 Songs From High School
Porch - Pearl Jam
Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots
Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants
Doll Parts - Hole
Big Star - Letters to Cleo

5 Songs From College
Too Much - Dave Matthews Band
Crush With Eyeliner - R.E.M.
Life in a Northern Town - Dream Academy
Someday I Suppose - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Never Said - Liz Phair

5 Songs From My Childhood
True Blue - Madonna
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
Straight Up - Paula Abdul
What a Feeling - Irene Cara (I still sometimes hear it and fantasize that it's my final song right before I win the gold medal for ice skating in the Olympics. Everyone is cheering me on and I am wearing all sparkly silver.)

5 Songs That Old Boyfriends Have Put on Mix Tapes For Me
Add it Up - Violent Femmes
Tangled Up in Blue - Bob Dylan
Good - Better than Ezra (wah-huh)
Too Drunk to Fuck - Dead Kennedys
Just Like Heaven - The Cure (who doesn't have an old boyfriend mix tape with this on it?)

5 Songs That Every Annoying Girl I've Ever Known Has Loved
Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
You Were Meant For Me - Jewel
Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls

5 Songs That If I Found Out You Knew By Heart I'd Immediately Be Best Friends With You
Magic Dance - David Bowie
The Age of Not Believing - Angela Lansbury
Email my Heart - Britney Spears
The Frug - Rilo Kiley
New Version of You - Felicity (new wallpap-err, new shoe leath-err...)

5 Songs That I'd Slow Dance To With a Stranger, With My Head On His Shoulder and Eyes Closed, Rather Than Not Slow Dance To It At All
If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
After All - Peter Cetera and Cher
Making Love Out of Nothing at All - Air Supply
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Can You Feel the Love Tonight - a lion (right?... isn't it from The Lion King?)

5 Songs That Amuse Me To No End
88 Lines About 44 Women - They Might Be Giants (everyone should write a song like this!)
Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly (sippin' on coke and rum, I'm like so what I'm drunk, it's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun...) I could quote this song all day and still not capture its perfection.
Temperature - Sean Paul (I wanna be the papa, you can be the mom)
Fergalicious - Fergie (too far, Fergadacious...TOO FAR)
I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack (best wishes for continued success, and please don't call me anymore)

5 Songs That Summarize My Shortcomings Pretty Well
The Lady is a Tramp by Ella Fitzgerald (har har... listen to the words before you flood me with your wisecracks, snarky pants)
Don't Change Your Plans by Ben Folds Five
Everything to Everyone by Everclear
Oops! I Did It Again by Britney Spears
Mark's part in Goodbye Love on the Rent soundtrack

5 Songs That I Just Freakin' Love, I Don't Care What You Say
Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson
Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts
The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon and Garfunkel
17 Again - Eurythmics


zorak163 said...

I also love The Only Living Boy in New York! So I take it people give you strange looks when you admit that or sing along to it? That seems to happen most of the time, lol.

nabbalicious said...

If we ever meet, I will totally duet on the Felicity song with you! I heart it so.

I also didn't know that TMBG covered "88 Lines About 44 Women"! Is it available on any album? I must hear it.

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh I know I'm gonna have to steal this.

I keep thinking of the original Felicity theme: "Uhhh ehhh yuhh, ehhh uhhh yuhhh, euhh yeuhh yeuhh yeuhhhhhhhhh, euhh yuhh yuhh yuUHHHH uehh uehh uehh uehh eyuhhh... oy YOY yoy yoy yoy..."

Greg said...

Very nice.


don't call me MA'AM said...

I may be the only person to comment that knows the words to The Age of Not Believing... that is one of my favorite Disney songs OF ALL TIME. And I have it on an album. Yes, an album. I can't play it on anything, but I have the album. ;-)

Great list!

kate said...

Don't bother trying to explain why you picked "Kate" for me. I doubt they're smart enough to understand.

Red said...

Zorak, I don't sing it much in public... but if I ever did, I'm sure I'd get strange looks, indeed.

Nabbs, turns out it's not them! You could've knocked me over with a feather. However please don't because ow.

Melissa, funny, it reads JUST like the Survivor theme song.

Greg, thanks! I'm emailing you, we have to catch up.

DCMM, you're awesome! I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Kate, totally.

guinness girl said...

You have the best memes/surveys over here. LOVED this one. And - I want to sing the Felicity song with you and Nabbs, too. :) Can you becommme? Can you becommme? A newwww version of youuuuuuu? Shit if that song doesn't make me want to go chop all my hair off, too. Then I realize Felicity's haircut pretty much marked the beginning of the end of that show, and I decide maybe just an inch or two off instead might be the best idea.

Melissa said...

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John, yes?