Friday, February 02, 2007

Because It's Been Awhile Since We've Heard From Our Favorite Superhero

Supergirl comes into our office like gangbusters, which is the only way she really ever comes in, now that I think about it. "Hey. Do you still have the Teddy Grahams?"

I look up, a tiny bit wary, as I always am when she's clearly a little off-kilter. "Yeah, second shelf." I keep a box of individual bags for kids who forget their snacks.

Supergirl eats one bag in three seconds and then tears into another. She's downing about twenty bears at once. Like most annonyingly tiny creatures, she eats a lot, but I've never seen her eat this... fast. It's almost (wait for it) unbearable. Yes, I went there.

Me: What's up, Super?
Supergirl: I'm so hungry! I'm just so LETHARGIC! [said with so much spunk you'd think she didn't understood the word]
Me: Rough morning?
Supergirl: My blood sugar is SO LOW!
Me: Did you have breakfast?
Supergirl: Yes! I totally did! Husband made waffles! WHOLE WHEAT WAFFLES! I put strawberries on them! I wanted fresh strawberries but we only had frozen ones but luckily I had already defrosted them because we were going to use them to make Husband's smoothies and I thought they had to be defrosted but it turns out that it's okay if they're frozen!
Me: I think your blood sugar is back.
Supergirl: Do we have any pretzels? I AM SO EXHAUSTED!


3carnations said...

Don't you know that's why they said not to feed the Gremlins after midnight? Oh, wait, you were talking about a person there, right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you can say "lethargic" with an exclamation point, you're either not or you don't know what the word means. said...

I think she was hinting that you should ask her about her sex life. She's exhausted, her husband made breakfast, she needs food for more stamina. It's all there. You're so insensitive, Red.