Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful For

My family (even Hipster Cousin), because it's (usually) happy and fun and relaxing to be with them, and that's how it should be with family.

My best friends, with whom I'm completely at home and able to talk about anything, and who still love me when I'm being totally lame.

My job, which is (usually) worth getting out of bed for.


Kate Winslet and Embeth Davidtz, because girl crushes are fun.

Jason Varitek and Leonardo DiCaprio, because boy crushes are funner.

Diet Pepsi, online bill paying, and Bare Escentuals, all of which make my life easier.

The fact that tonight, for the first time in the 27 years that I've known him, I beat my friend Jeff at pool. (Incidentally, I'm also thankful that Jeff didn't end up having a mixer before his wedding.)

My Christmas tree (which I put up last weekend, thankyouverymuch) and for the first time ever decorated with just white lights and silver ornaments. It looks like it belongs in the Macy's juniors section.

Crate and Barrel's dark chocolate fondue set, peppermint bark, and edge wine glasses, all of which has put me on board with having a New Year's Eve gathering. I'm going with a silver snowflake, cinnamon stick, cranberry tea lights, warm-you-up theme. (I also want to get a snow cone machine. I found this updated version of the Snoopy classic, which seems oddly cheap, but I really want the old-school one that comes in the doghouse with the shovel. There's a really funny review of that one here.)

Real Simple's special celebrations issue, because that magazine is like heroin to me, AND because it has thrown smoked salmon with creme fraiche, rosemary olives, and a brownie bar into the mix. (As usual, I'm already out of control.)

My blog! I love the Tent and all of you guys, my blogfriends. I'm one of the only ones who doesn't blog at work; I actually do all of it in my free time. What can I say, I'm made of hardy blog stock; I aspire to be grandmommy-blogging someday. Maybe when it's all compiled it will make for interesting reading. Because you really can't hear "Wow, Grandma, you were kind of a slut!" too many times.


stefanie said...

My little sister actually gave me one of those original, old-school Snoopy sno-cone machines for my birthday a few years ago. Too bad I'm not a "real lifer"; I would totally bring it to your party and let you borrow it.

Sounds like the decor will be lovely, by the way. Have fun!

LC said...


I am so glad I ran into your blog, because it is so much fun!

Keep on the good work!

And I think my grandkids are gonna say something similar about me too. Hee!

LC said...

Is it keep on or keep up? Keep it comin'?

Dammit. I suck at expressions sometimes.

But you know what I mean, right?

Red said...

Stefanie, you're more than welcome to come... and bring your sno-cone machine...!

LC, thank you!!

Liz said...

I like reading your stuff. It reminds me that there are good people everywhere.

By the way, you should stay clear of Killer Rants for a couple of days. It's gone downhill!

Red said...

Liz, the sad thing is that I hate to go back to my entry and be like, what did I say that gave her the impression I'm a good person? And I'm sure the rants are still up to par... but I'll go check it out...

Red said...

I HAD to go back to my entry, I mean.

maliavale said...

I'm a nonwork blogger, also, and thankful for you. I'm not, however, thankful for Bloglines, my RSS server, because it just updated with eight of your most recent entries at once, and here I thought MAN you were having a great vacation.

Miss Peach said...

I am thankful for your blog, as it cracks me up every time I read it. That crack about your grandkids reading it is hilarious. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

guinness girl said...

Ahh, the Snoopy Sno-Cone machine. Loved it. Will save the reason why for a post in the future! Your NYE party sounds lovely. :)